Todd Bowman personally creates HANDMADE CUSTOM SPURS, and HANDMADE CUSTOM BITS, as well as engraved silver headstalls, stirrups, spur straps, and conchos.  Each silversmithed piece is handmade to meet the Western Horseman's needs. 


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What is a spur?

Simply, a spur is only a tool used as an extension of your leg to communicate with your horse.


Todd at Bowman Custom Spurs strives to create by hand a custom fit spur that allows the rider to communicate with their horse as easily and efficiently as possible. Function is Todd’s first and foremost concern. Just because a spur has a lot of silver overlay or inlay on is, does not make it a useful and functional tool.


Owning a pair of Bowman Custom Spurs means Todd has taken the time to learn about you, your horses, and your equine discipline of choice. Knowing these facts allow Todd to create a band that correctly fits your boot, a shank that has the most efficient length, pin height and functional shape, and finally a rowel that will help you speak with your horse easily.


Your Bowman Custom Spurs are specifically made to fit YOU. They are individually numbered and stamped with Todd’s “TB” brand on the inside of the band. Each pair also is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with your name, certificate number and life time guarantee on the band and shank.


Todd Bowman, Craftsman