1999 MERCEDES E430





Pictures A & B are the failed drivers side, and to our surprise (and kind of not), the passenger's side is bending and going to fail(You can't see it, but it's bending.)


Download 10MP version:

Drivers Side A- Failed

Drivers Side B- Failed

Passengers Side- Failing

May 31, 2011.


If you enjoyed the experience of a loud clunk and a bang, then saw a spring from your suspension bouncing across the road in your rear-view mirror, then most likely you have experienced a failed W210 "Spring Perch" and are about to enjoy a $1500(per side) repair bill from Mercedes.  If you have one fail, check the other side. If you have one fail, check the other side.  If you have one fail, check the other side.  <- Get it? The good news, if this happens and you've been servicing you car at an actual Mercedes dealer, they will most likely fix it per "good will" since they should have caught this during their inspection while doing your scheduled maintenance.  Seriously, at any price, you absolutely want to avoid things like this occurring to you since it's extremely dangerous for you, and motorists around you.


There are no "service bulletins" on this. Anyone who has this happen must file with Larry.Long@dot.gov and file with the www.nhtsa.gov get Mercedes to recall to fix this problem. I know, I know, someone's gosta die first and all... but... Canada even did a recall.  I know the car is old, but how old should a car be to literally "fall apart"?


When we are done with this repair, the area will be reinforced similar to an armored MB where they reinforce this to handle the extra weight of the bullet proof glass, etc.  More pictures to come.


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