P  T  O  W  N  B  E  A  T  S

My name is Michael Temple and I own Temple Digital LLC, the parent company of PTownBeats.com HD (High Definition) audio video recording studio at 114 Main Street Palmyra Wisconsin 53156. 


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N A G A S A K I    G O L D   Brian United   Adian Zix   Kevin 11   DJ Polar Bear


The Animal WIthin(Promo Tracks)- Author Kathrine Yetts

Draker33- Audio Book by Zix


01 Wedding Piano Intro

02 Spy School Yumi Fujikura

03 Super High-Tech Japanese Spy

04 Avoid Odd Numbers because they can Hurt You Yumi Fujikura

05 Get What You Want

06 Breathing Life Into Another Drifter Crispy Tina

07 If I Had a Giant Robot to Save Me

08 Magnum Jones

09 You Aimed Too High (but I got to have you) Crispy Tina

10 Kisses in an Airport

11 Funk-A-Marketer Unsuspecting Telemarketer

12 Cashmere Sweater

13 Chimely Love Crispy Tina featuring: Ice Berg

14 White Mustang

15 How Things Have Changed Ella Blame

16 Roullette

17 HBomb






ROZSA KELLER aka Rose Blade


D O R I A N   G R A Y   Miller & Temple

He's so Strangely Blind (Temple's Apartment: 1994-1995ish)


L o a d i n g   S o u n d c l o u d....



O T H E R   A R T I S T S  recorded at PTownBeats

Lakeside Studios  / STUDIO114

Aftin Warren- Oct 2014 

Initial Motive by Gary Palama- Oct 2005


M  I  S  C     T  R  A  X

These are random tracks created for everything from making-out to high-speed roller skating.  You're better off acting like you know.


T I T L E                                       F E A T U R I N G

Madness (911)                                              Timothy Dark

Disco Hammer                                              www.Mystechs.com 

Super Star Sequence                                   Billy BA(Bad A**) aka William Johnson

Deepest Oceans                                           www.CarmenNickerson.com              

Come on be my Angel                                 www.CarmenNickerson.com           


Powers Memorial Library in Palmyra WI: Live Music March 25, 2016-

featuring Three Thin Dimes:



Three Thin Dimes- Live at the Palmyra Library 1.mp3

Three Thin Dimes- Live at the Palmyra Library 2.mp3

Three Thin Dimes- Live at the Palmyra Library 3.mp3




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